5-61 [Walkman]: Walkman can give us a sleep with delta wave music


Photo by Oleg Sergeichik on Unsplash

The sleep is indispensable to counter the electromagnetic operation, which paradoxically explains why their operation starts from depriving it.


At the time when I did not realize the electromagnetic wave capability and at the same time when I was under attack of the spy operation, I lost my sleep completely. It was more like physical operations to deprive it through making the noise around my room, from drilling on the road to beeping at the upper room. I was in Hong Kong at that time and we should not underestimate the capability of Chinese spies.


I decided to spend almost all the time staying on the bed in those days, as I would like to sleep whenever I could. I have noticed that the sleep deprivation takes out our focuses, which is the first step to crack the subject, and moreover, it has been the well-known procedure of Chinese police and attorney offices to crack their targets during the interrogation.


This protocol is basically the same for the electromagnetic operation. The spies deprive a sleep and brainwash the subject with creating a paranoia inside the head. Then, we are going to believe what we do not believe in the normal state that I have experienced for some times as well.


Then, it becomes more difficult for us to control our emotion when the sleep is deprived completely. The anxiety or aggression are primary emotions, easily aggravated by the simple electromagnetic irradiation, which becomes more uncontrollable when there is not enough sleep. The mental balance becomes worse as the spies want.


Walkman is a good device to provide a sleep. I originally started from using the noise cancel function alone during the night. It was composed by white noises, which prevented some of the outside noises to be heard. It essentially worked but there was a potential problem that the white noise could have continued for half an hour and ceased as Walkman is programed to stop in that way. I should have waked up and press the button to restart, if I had not slept within the window time.


I had spent two years like this and I came up with the new solution listening to the sleep introduction music. It is one of the EEG biofeedback that the proper music creates a brainwave around gamma and delta to introduce a sleep. It created a drastic change of my life that I was able to get enough sleep. It is also a matter of the confidence as the anxiety sometimes disrupts our sleep, which can be beaten by the sleep introduction music.


My sleep is still often disturbed, though more or less, I have enough of it to spend more worthwhile life even though I am still attacked by the spies every day.


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