5-60 [Twilight learning]: We can be brainwashed under REM sleep

Photo by Oscar Keys on Unsplash

Twilight learning is a technique to brainwash the subject. This operation can be conducted by the physical voice, not necessarily to use the electromagnetic wave. However, the operation becomes more invisible conducted electromagnetically.


It is usually said that there is no way directly accessing to the long-term memory. However, our long-term memory is accessible under the REM sleep. The twilight learning uses this process that you can plant a new memory against the subjects when talking to them under this state.


I have been subject of this operation as well and there are some memories still in my brain which are not experienced by myself. At first, I had no idea of the electromagnetic capability to send the voice directly into the brain, though realized I have had weird dreams and I was sometimes confused those were really my experiences or just dreams.


Later, I understood the electromagnetic capability, and moreover, found out the paper discussing on the twilight learning. It was an instant realization that this technique has been conducted against me for a long time.


I should have been manipulated by those operations, though at least, avoiding a critical mistake, such as killing others. There are ways to cancel out the manipulation that I have looked back what just happened during the dream and have denied those as they were not my experience, nor my way of thinking.


There are flaws of those stories planted by the spies and I can confirm those are wrong when denouncing them soon after. On the other hand, I cannot control myself freely under the REM sleep, hence it is necessary to wait until making myself wake up.


The operatives are highly likely using the apparent voices during this operation as the subjects cannot tell those are real or not. I immediately realized the apparent voices were sent by the technology developed by the spies from the scratch, though I had not realized I had been manipulated for a long time under the REM sleep through the electromagnetic wave operation.


It is quite difficult to tell that it is a spy operation when we are asleep as it is exactly the same as the dream. That is why they should not be bothered of the revelation to use the apparent voice and it is a better form as the voice is clearer to deliver their intentions. I am sure we are easily manipulated as far as we are under attack by the spies with the electromagnetic capability. The twilight learning is a special methodology to send the apparent voice to anyone as we do not realize its existence as we assume it is a part of the dream.


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