5-40 [Awaji Island slayings] 11: Either CIA or Japanese police intelligence was in charge

Photo by Tom Sodoge on Unsplash

It is almost certain that this Awaji murder case was caused by the electromagnetic manipulation, though it is not yet determined who was responsible for this operation.


Having said that, the answer is one way or the other: Japanese police intelligence or the CIA, no other candidates. This operation had been conducted intensively for several months until the murders and took more time to choose this perpetrator as a subject. It required a sizable resource to conduct covertly, definitely noticed by Japanese police intelligence or the CIA in Japan, meaning either one of them runs this operation.


There is another possibility that they jointly caused those murders through the electromagnetic manipulation. It is actually a common practice as the CIA counterpart is Japanese police intelligence, contacting each other through liaison officers.


If it is conducted solely by Japanese police intelligence, the perpetrator was manipulated electromagnetically by the team called “zero”. It is under the security division run by the investigator, though supervised by the section chief, the chief and the director general in the end. Of course, the prime minister is on top of the chain of command. This structure basically means some of them are responsible for the multiple murders in Awaji Island, if they brainwashed this suspect.


I cannot deny a possibility that this line is breached that someone accessed to this command in the middle, though it has to be the influential ex-officer in this line, if that is the case. In any way, this is the only Japanese organization capable to conduct the electromagnetic operation.


This operation can be outsourced to their asset, though they are also managed by zero. This section was originally established to run covert operations against the extremist, mostly of Marxist, and they were eventually hired as a police asset to crack down their organization. There should be other types of criminals under this network, including the private investigators, though the whole operation must be decided by the police officers.


If the CIA was in charge, they caused those murders through Japanese assets. This perpetrator was definitely brainwashed in Japanese, meaning the field operation was conducted by Japanese assets. They are controlled by the CIA handlers who definitely belonged to East Asia Division, located in Tokyo. It is nearly impossible for other CIA branches to deploy many assets for a long time without notice by this division in Japan, indicating they should be involved, if the CIA was in charge.


This division directly reports to the CIA board, headed by the CIA director, who is under the president. This incident took place in 2015, at the era of the President Obama administration, while the Japanese premier was Mr. Abe. I did not assume they ordered this multiple murder, but the chain of command was linked back to them.


There should be officers who decided those murders and they are still free. They are definitely responsible to this case and the brainwash itself should be categorized as the crime, but there is no move to find out who really decided it, which implies that our lives are still in danger.


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