5-66 [Brainwash]: Attack targets are rationally decided by spies

red and multicolored figure
Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

In any murder cases, the targets are always required, even for the spree killers. It also holds true the case that the perpetrator is brainwashed by the electromagnetic wave operation.


This is a different issue from the ethics that is a matter of crossing over the code or not. Even if the subjects accept the idea to kill someone through electromagnetic manipulation, they need concrete targets actually to conduct it.


Those manipulations might take place concurrently as the specific target might be the reason why the subject wants to eliminate beyond the ethical code. Having said that, in theory, those are distinctive manipulations in the same process and for the same purpose.


The targets are basically chosen by the operatives, or more precisely, they have a master plan to cause some illegal problems and have decided to manipulate the subjects to execute those.


In most of the cases, those are conducted as an anti-society operation to create social unrest. If this operation is conducted at the unfriendly country, the spies would like to influence the ordinary people directly against their own country. This is the same when the spies create the social unease at their own country that they would like to control the people’s minds for their favors.


In any operations, the target is necessarily chosen and the spies should make their subjects believe to eliminate their target. It is not a matter of the ethical code, but a paranoia to believe they should attack their target.


There might be specific reasoning why the target should be attacked, which is a part of the paranoia though it seems like more rational as there is a rationale behind. It is just a matter of how the paranoia is created and if you are a person to think more rationally, your paranoia seems more rational. However, the truth is that the spies have manipulated you to cause social unrest.


We should understand it is just paranoia and this process should work a little easier when we know there is a capability to manipulate us through the invisible electromagnetic wave. As a matter of fact, if there is no target, there is no killing to be followed through.


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