5-64 [Brainwash]: Invisible apparent voice is a main medium for the clandestine manipulation

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Most of electromagnetic operations can be conducted vocally, unless it is just used to cause fatal diseases, such as the stroke, heart attack and pancreatic cancer. The spies can control the emotion and cause many types of the pains on the subject through the electromagnetic wave, though those are basically accessories for their final goals, the anti-personnel or anti-society operation. In either way, the operatives manage to manipulate their subjects, which are mainly executed by the voices sent directly to the brain.


Those voices are quite problematic when we trust them. There are some people who believe the voices have been sent by God. In my understandings, some of them are completely manipulated by the intelligence operations which uses the name of God to brainwash their subjects.


There are two types of voices sent through the electromagnetic wave, apparent voices and the other similar to the inner voice. Both have a capability to manipulate the subject, though the apparent voice is more problematic, as it is quite apparent to hear the voice without anyone in front. Then, if you believe it is God’s will, you should follow their orders.


Even if you assume it is the voice sent by the devil, some people believe their existence and follow their orders with fear. The outcome is expected more devastating for the case of the evil existences as they can order the subjects to commit felonies including murders.


It is also probable to brainwash the subject with the one similar to the inner voice. It might take more time as we can push back the idea as one of the inner voices, but their goal is basically the same to make us conduct the crimes beyond our ethical code.


They are seeking the best way to brainwash, and if necessary, they continue tries and errors until finding a way to crack our ethics. This is actually a critical point that you would easily breach your ethical code when you believe the voice is sent by the supernatural existence, which is why the apparent voices are more dangerous than the inner voice.


It is apparent that, if we do not believe it is sent by the supernatural existence, we should find out why we hear the voices, hence the spies cautiously evaluate their subjects who believe or follow the apparent voice before conducting the operation. If not, they should choose the way to manipulate the subject with the one similar to the inner voice.


Their final goal is the same in either way that they would like us to convince the illegal action is the right thing to do. It also implies that it is what we should avoid eventually, to get away from the spy’s pitfall.


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