2-67 [Trespassing into the neighbor]: Police created an excuse to monitor

There was another trespassing before breaking into my home that they went into the neighboring house.


It was a week ago of my back home that the burglars broke into their absent house, though they fled away looking at a small dog there. They were said to be Chinese burglars, which was why they reinforced a security around my neighbors.


It was so obvious that this operation was conducted by the police intelligence, even if it was indirect. That was why the burglars did not take anything. If this was done by foreign agents, they did not show their mercy to frame a perfect crime there.


This was said to be done by Chinese, but this was actually critical framing to the local community as I was back home one week later from this incident, notionally from China. I was actually a resident of Hong Kong, but the majority of us could not differentiate them.


It meant that some of the local community members should assume I was related to this burglary case, somehow, as there was a connection to China. This phrasing was one of their operational tactics, but there was another meaning to this incident.


They actually reinforced a surveillance against me with this excuse. There was no vacant house in my neighborhood, hence not easy place for the monitor, but they could place many officers with this excuse, hiding a true nature of their operation. Moreover, there were many people accepting the police officer to use their hose for the stake out.


There is one implication from this observation that this was not the first operation that the police intelligence had conducted against their target. There have been many other cases that the police sneaked into the local community in this way.


Their purpose is to frame their subject with an intimidation and harassment. Their plot was well experienced until then, actually well calculated to frame me as a potential criminal.