23-2 [Brain reading history]: the most advanced brainwave technology is fully owned by the government

This methodology should be evolved to use the satellite radar. If that is the case, the operator can cover wider areas. The satellite should be used for the special occasion, though the number of subjects should be limited and they are definitely not ordinary targets, though it does not mean the satellite is not available.


In my experience, the response time is different, when my brain is read by the satellite radar. It actually requires more time for the transmission as it travels a round-trip to the earth with another one-way to the operator, which is the reason why the response is slow at a few tenths of a second.


This radar can be beamed from the commercial satellite, but it is hardly conceivable that the government allow them to read the brainwave without any restrictions. It implies any radar from the satellite should be under the control of the government. There is a possibility the militaries or intelligence agencies use it without any legal confirmation. Even if it is just a misconduct of the officers, the government cannot deny any responsibilities in any way.


This satellite technology is quite substantial, as they can avail the brain reading within a wider range of areas globally. There is a slight time-lag for the real-time control, though it is enough to manipulate the subject. The electromagnetic wave is not necessarily sent from the satellite, even when the radar is beamed there to read the brain. The ultra-long wave can be irradiated from the different place, responding to the knowledge they acquire from the radar.


They even can control the conversation in this way, if the operator makes the subject thinks before speaking. Although, there is a limitation for this control and it is not an easy task to do. Even though the mouth and throat is controlled, there is a small window time for the subject freely to work their own brain. That is why the perfect control is impossible.


If the subject speaks without thinking in this small window of the time to avoid the control, it actually works that the subject should get a free voice. However, the speaking content is sometimes inconceivable in this manner, hence there is a limitation for a daily use. On the other hand, this result verifies there is a control by the electromagnetic wave externally and also there are several machines and methodology for that purpose.


The control of other parts of the body is much easier than the mouth, such as hands or feet. The movement with momentum, such as running, is more easily controlled by the radiowave, as there is no time window to recover the free will. I can say it is slimly possible to avoid this kind of control as well, but it requires a huge concentration whose level is far beyond the normal. This control actually does not require any radar to read the brainwave, though the radar capacitates a real-time feedback, hence their control quality is improved with its support.