2-72 [Three infrared cameras]: Surveillance cameras were installed at three different premises

There were several infrared cameras set up against my home, which were installed at three houses of my neighbor. I have these photos, hence they could not deny it happened, though it is a tricky problem.


These cameras were as a reality located at their private premises, whose direct responsibilities were taken by them from this fact. However, I do not think they set up these by themselves, but the Japanese police intelligence definitely installed them.


Although, all I have as a proof are photos of infrared cameras set up at their premises. At least I could say these were orchestrated as it is improbable to install them at three different houses coincidentally targeting me.


I am not sure this orchestration consists of a probable cause that this was installed by the police, otherwise I should confront these neighbors who were in charge. Moreover, they needed to speak at the law court for making it legally confirmed, which was partially obliged as their deeds were basically illegal in Japan.


However right I am, it is not easy to sue them, even though I am not living there anymore. If these were set up by the police, these neighbors were innocent as they just collaborated with the police investigation. The next issue is whether the police conduct was legally complied or not.


If I would like to confirm this, I need to sue my neighbor, which is the only path I can take, as it is a known fact which is illegal. In the end, it is confirmed as the police conduct, they will be exempted from any responsibilities.


On the other hand, the local community became severely flawed, when I decided to sue them. I have enough reason to do so and they were wrong to believe that the police had righteously conducted these operations.


It was a result of the public peace which the police intelligence has objected. In their logic, I should abandon my legal right to sue them for the public peace. If that is the case, the police should admit their wrongdoing to maintain the public peace and order.


It is improbable that these three neighbors just prepared their infrared cameras on their own and separately set these up. Moreover, these cameras were set up to monitor all the path from my house to the outside, which cannot be a result of the coincidence. Furthermore, one of them was actually portable just to look inside my room, which was concurrently controlled by someone. Is that what the neighbor did to me?


I have not made up my mind to confront these by a legal process, but it is not the right reason to the police not to admit what they did was unlawful.