5-67 [Brainwash]: Aggression is also ignited by the electromagnetic wave

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The aggression is another critical subject to be manipulated.


Even though everything is planned by the operatives through the electromagnetic wave, and even though you believe the act is a necessary measure to take, you are not likely to commit it without the aggression.


It should be the nature of the human being to conduct a violent action with the aggression, partially because its feeling helps us to strengthen our powers beyond the brain restriction with more adrenalin.


Some of us can commit crimes with calm, though most of us require excitements to break a restriction from the frontal lobe. It is better when the whole behavior is controlled by the emotion, i.e. the aggression. Even if the murder is planned, the passion plays a critical role, especially when it is conducted for the personal reason.


If the perpetrators are manipulated through the electromagnetic wave and if they attack the individual who they have hated, it is more difficult to tell traces of the electromagnetic wave. However, there are cases that the perpetrators have had weird aggressions during their murders.


The operatives have to follow the course to energize the aggression as the final push, which is the only way the crime should take place. Moreover, they manipulate the subject’s emotion aggravated through the whole killings as well. That is why some of the attackers have irregularly kept their aggression during their assaults. In the normal course, the aggressive emotion should be released after some attacks, which should not have continued to kill so many people.


In the end, the crime seems conducted with passion, while there is a plenty of evidence that the perpetrators have calculated their felonies in advance. That is one of the proofs that they have been manipulated through the electromagnetic wave.


In my understanding, it is quite hard to get away from the electromagnetic operation, once it reaches to this final stage to commit felonies as one more push, though we can contain ourselves not to attack others to dissipate our aggression in other ways, such as a quite exhaustive exercise.