5-48 [Amygdala erruption]: Electromagnetic wave can cause a bipolar symptom

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The emotion is partially controlled by the frontal lobe, but it is not the place where the emotion is created in the brain.


After cooling my forehead, I have recovered my rationality and the emotional eruption was settled. I thought my life would have become normal again, though I had not realized their capability was more advanced than ever assumed.


Soon after, my emotion became irregular again. I felt a stronger aggression or anxiety than before and noticed that my frontal lobe cannot contain those eruptions. It was absolutely controlled from the outside, though I could not find a way out of those dominances for some time. However, I had eventually realized that the back of my head had an irregular heat when trying hard to constrain my aggression against the external control.


The operatives managed to break me with a higher intensity, which heated up that area, therefore I followed the procedure what I did at the time of the frontal lobe. I took out the coolant and started to cool down the back of my head, which has worked to contain the extreme emotions as far as cooling it down.


It is necessary to explain a bit more about this phenomenon. The emotions are assumed to be created in the limbic system and I am not against this idea itself, while the simple feeling should be created in the amygdala, which is also not the contradictive phenomenon.


For example, love is a quite complicated emotion, which is a pure feeling though requiring a subject or it might require a narrative to reach that state. It is not straightforward, a mixture of thought and emotion. This complicated nature should be created in the limbic system.


On the other hand, aggression or fear is quite straightforward without any subjects. It is more like stress, shared by lots of animals which have their own brains, basically suggesting that our old brain area contains those emotions. It is actually an amygdala which creates those primary emotions.


It is confirmed through observation on my head that the irregular emotion, a symptom like the extreme mood disorder can be contained by cooling back of my head. This measure keeps it cool with lower bloodstream, which constraints an excitement of ionic change.