Covert EM program

Three Main Letters


Letter 1: the initial insight, from Robert Gow to the classified personnel

26 April 1973


Letter 2: the research direction, from Ross Adey to Robert Gow

30 May 1973


Letter 3: the research proposal, from Robert Gow to the classified personnel

11 June 1973

Navy ELF Communications System

a109555 – DoD declassification

Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) communications program in Wisconsin and Michigan

Naval Electronic System Command

December 1981


Naval Research Laboratory

May 2004


Navy ELF Environmental Feasibility Studies

a073191 – DoD declassification

Effects of 60 Hz Environmental Electric Fields on the Mammalian Central Nervous System

Ross Adey et al.

3 April 1979

a152731 – DoD declassification

Biological and Human health effects of extremely low frequency electromag.

American Institute of Biological Sciences

March 1985

a179987 – DoD declassification

Extremely low frequency (ELF) communications program non-ionizing electro

Department of the Navy, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command

November 1986

bnlw7306613 – DoE declassification

Biological Effects of Static and Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields: An Overview of United States Literature

Richard D. Phillips and William T. Kaune

April 1977

Technological Development


US Patent for trimmed superconductive magnetic pickup coil circuits, Develco, Inc.

21 January 1974


US Patent for wireless subterranean signaling method, Develco, Inc

25 January 1975


US Patent for combinatorial coded telemetry, Develco, Inc

15 September 1986



Assessment of Soviet electrical brain stimulation research and applications

Life Science Division OSI/CIA

July 1975


Memorandum from SAO to DDC, a possible usage of low-level EM by the Soviet, referred to Ross Adey

(Later than 1975)

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