3-119 [A midnight fuss]: PIs shouted on the street all night long, eventually alienating the local people

I had thought again that their illegal operation should have halted when I got to Ishigaki island, which was actually one of the intelligence techniques to let me down by betraying its hope eventually.


This is really effective that the subject should be hurt when the hope is suddenly changed to the despair, which is leveraged to acquire the target as an asset or to compel a false confession. Or, the victim might be so despaired to conduct a felony or to commit a suicide in the end.


I had thought it was going to end when I arrived at the Ishigaki island, but it would not happen. I hoped at least the noise could have halted on that day as I was going to stay on the top floor, but it came from the ceiling again as usual. Then, I went up stairs to figure out that there was another floor, not used for the guest where the noise was created.


I could not confront the guest on that day, hence giving up to sleep eventually, and thereafter, I was going to be bothered by a fuss on the street.


At first, I thought there were some young people making a fuss after drinking as the hotel was quite next to the main bar area of the island. However, it would not stop and I realized they actually shouted against me as an intimidation to show the operation would not be stopped.


I could not sleep originally due to a loud noise so that I had decided to stir up their fuss more to dis them through a possible bug in my room. The mob actually made their noise louder along with my decrying.


They became silent after a little while, hence I dissed them again to say that it was all they could do, which made them excited again to make a noise. I was not able to sleep in any way so that continued this plot until the next morning.


They were definitely not a local people as their accent was different from the local, which implied they were private investigators sent from the outside. I had no idea which agency hired them, but they made a noise just to drive me to the edge and they were not decent enough to stay calm against my irritation.


However, they did not realize an important fact that their fuss made a local people away from their side. It was not a resident area, but still, it was the center of the island, next to the city hall. Their turmoil was easily spread out to the whole island, which made them harder to mobilize the local people for a further operation.