77 [Emotional control]: it is hard to avoid even if you realize an emotive manipulation

I started to hear an external voice in my brain from the start of April in 2013, though I lost my control over my emotion beforehand. It became irregular from time to time but turned completely uncontrollable from the middle of March.

I myself could not understand why I got furious suddenly, which did not happen in the past. There were several students stalking me and talking ill of me. It was a time for the spring break and they should be hired somewhere else to play a role in the gaslighting. They often called me a crazy in the public, but I could have endured that kind of swearing in the past easily. However, it was quite hard for me to contain my emotion from that time.

It was easy to knock them down, but it made me put into a custody, which was a prime motive for this whole orchestration. At the same time, I could have got an emotional catharsis by hitting them, though it was a meaningless instant phenomenon and it was more futile to go to jail for that crazy behavior. There was also another reason for my restraint that I could not discern them perfectly. I was almost sure for their background, but it was necessary to confirm it for a confrontation.

There have been many incidents to kill neighbors controlled by the electromagnetic wave, but these actions were more or less based on the misunderstandings. If you manipulate the subject, you definitely avoid being murdered. Moreover, they might become one of your neighbor until then, but they have less likely been there for a long time.

This manipulation is sometimes supported by a fraud crime information, which is widespread to your neighbor to drive you crazy. Sadly, I have a proof that the police department intentionally spread the false information to employ my neighbors for their operation. I knew it was beforehand so that my aggression was not escalated to my surroundings, but if not realized, the outcome should be harsh to the community.

I have been one of the main targets of the Japanese police intelligence since 2011 and they have even committed an illegal activity to contain me since then. That is one of the reasons why I have avoided a crazy behavior, but I came to lose my mind often in the spring of 2013 than before.

Once I heard an invisible voice in the brain, I realized the emotion should also be maneuvered in the same manner. I analyzed its phenomena and tested its capability from many perspectives, and then reached a conclusion these were triggered by the electromagnetic wave. Furthermore, I also understood that the emotive control is much easier than delivering a voice.

I had had an irregular emotion for a long time until then, an extremely suicidal emotion, a fear too much about the past behavior even without any criminal activity, a fury without any control and a weird arousal. I had noticed they were strange, but it came up to my mind naturally except the last one, which was the reason why something strange was going on.

All these emotive manipulations are ways to criminalize the subject supported by physical manipulations. It is hard to avoid an intelligence intention as you can see in my case that I even realized their tactics but quite hard to leave me away from their inducement. It implies you might be easily entrapped if you do not realize their ill motive.

There is another social conflict at this point that if your criminalization is escalated into the murder, who is responsible for this action? You should be in charge of the brutal action, but there has been no responsibility taken by any spies for this action. Is it a right thing to do? At least until now, the intelligence has not been prosecuted, which is one of the reasons why they continuously employ this methodology to contain the subject, even killing others.