30-2 [Suicidal by the radiowave]: you can trace back the manipulation behind the suicide ​if it is electromagnetically triggered

The suicide is also triggered by the depression, which is more common mind situation than the aggression to kill yourself. The negative feeling is along with some negative thought to be escalated into the emotion to delete yourself. This is extremely heavy emotion felt in the whole body rather than just in the brain.


The suicide is one of the methods to escape from this stress, which is also a result of the cost-benefit calculation in the brain. This judgment is rationally wrong, though the brain is not just managed by the reason, hence it might be ended as such with the depressed mind. Although, the emotion is not enough to commit a suicide in this case.


The reason is not necessarily to rule your decision, but the suicidal emotion persuades it to trigger the suicide. Your frontal lobe might be dysfunctioned due to the depression, which makes you more easily to choose the extreme measure, but if that is the case, your suicide should be impulsive. The impulsive suicide requires an aggression which is notionally released to attack yourself. It implies the emotion is commonly an important part to make the final decision.


This observation concludes that the simple electromagnetic wave cannot drive you to commit a suicide. The common suicide is a result of complicated brain function, hence it requires more manipulation than just a control of the emotion. It is at least necessary for the subject to believe the suicide is the most appropriate choice to follow.


This additional manipulation can be conducted by the brainwave control when sending the thought. However, its technology is more advanced, maybe just used by the small intelligence circle, hence it is more often to manipulate physically through the interaction with the subject.


If the suicide is set up externally, you might find out the trace of its manipulation in this distorted reasoning. There should be something more than just emotional control, which might be something minute but it is a core escalated to trigger the suicide. The core is exaggerated by the emotional manipulation by the electromagnetic wave, eventually escalated into the reason to commit a suicide. The wave is invisible, but the manipulative trace can be visible.


There is another possibility for the radiowave control to trigger the suicide. When your negative emotion is extremely aggravated with an enhancement of the aggression, you might kill yourself. There is a possibility, but again, it depends on your individuality and the majority of the people should not choose that direction. It is still required to have the reason to die. Actually, it is not necessarily the heavy reason, but it is necessary to be assumed that its problem can be solved by the suicide. This mixed manipulation stages the impulsive suicide, though it should structurally leave the visible trace of the manipulation.


In the same manipulation, you might be ended up with the assault on others. The object might be the specific someone or the society in large. The latter case triggers the indiscriminate massacre by the electromagnetic irradiation.


There is no essential emotional difference between the impulsive suicide and the massacre, though the social impact is hugely distinctive. This difference is derived from the individuality. If the manipulators would like to eradicate the subject socially, they do not care how it is ended up, either with the suicide or the massacre. And both results have been actually taken place many times in the past, triggered by the radiowave manipulation.



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